Style your Shape and Shape your Style


  • Did you ever reject a dress you just bought 2days back and you felt it’s not you?
  • Do you often look at others and say they have the best body, I don’t have, so I can’t wear that?
  • Do you feel the need to look taller, shorter, slimmer or bigger?
  • Do you think there is very less range of clothing style which look good on you?
  • Do you feel I have nothing to wear even if 70% of the closets in your house is owned by you?


If answers to above questions are yes, it’s time to celebrate. Most of us are in this state of dilemma ¬†and not many of us have ideal body shapes (only something like 2% of the population).

However, WOW has solution to all your problems and we can help you in creating the illusion of a perfect body by choosing the right set of clothes. It’s all about balancing your perceived shape to the ideal shape.

Dressing to flatter your shape is one of the fundamental steps to looking your best. We do this by body shape evaluation and believe me body shape is not just calling it ¬†apple or pear, it’s much more than that. Along with it we also evaluate your upper lower torso lengths, which is again required to determine the length of your top, bottom, hems of dresses/blazer and many more things.



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