A Small Change, A Big Difference


“Think Before You Speak” But do we think before we wear? We are so busy with our professional and personal lives that we mostly ignore the way we dress up. But remember as every word counts while speaking similarly every dress up counts in today’s competitive world. Here is a story about one of our¬†clients Kusuma. A story about her ¬†journey of transformation with World of WOW.

A competent IT professional, Kusuma had accomplished success in both her professional and personal lives. Working with a multinational company Kusuma had traveled all around the world and had tasted triumph in the true sense of the word. She always made her parents proud and herself proved to be a doting mother. She was really happy with how things were going around for her on a personal and professional front.

Kusuma had never given importance to dressing up since childhood. She always relied on her mother in that aspect.She never did realize that there is going to be a transformation in her life after she had an interaction with Shruti from World Of WoW. She took some theoretical sessions with Wow and discovered that wardrobe selection and dressing up can be a different experience altogether. She was surprised to see a whole new gamut of dressing tricks and tips. She came to know what wrong she had been doing for 3 decades till now.


She once decided to put those theories into practice and asked Shruti to help her dress up for a presentation she had to give in her office. With the help of Shruti she was all set being dressed up for her presentation. And then that was the day that made her not only happy but she felt a sense of added self confidence in her. Not only her team members, but people whom she didn’t know at all came up to her and complimented her on how she looked so different and good.

There were clothes in her wardrobe which she never saw before or wore before. WoW’s particular selection and changes on her wardrobe not only saved her expenses but saved her time too. The combination of same clothes in a different style made her look totally different.

Both in her professional arena and in her personal life she started getting a lot of attention. The result was a happy, self confident and a new transformed

Kusuma is very happy that she had a chance to get connected with the World Of WoW.

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