Diet Smart This Festive Season

India is lighting up and dancing to the tune of Festivals. This is the time when you let go your soul and mind free to enjoy the best of the season. Lots of  gaana bajana, sweets, delicious cuisines, decorations and lovely attires.  The time when you dress your best, eat your best and enjoy your best. But do you question yourself regarding how to control your diet and avoid putting on those extra kilos. Don’t worry you can still be a festival gourmet and can keep those kilos in check by following some simple tips and tricks

1. Small Portion Size

Eat delicious but have small. Do not fall into the trap of overeating. Do not stuff your belly with overflowing food. Have small portions and enjoy them blissfully.

2. Eat Slow

Eating slow will make you feel full with small portions. It is a well known fact that the brain takes around 20 minutes to signal your tummy that its full. Chew your food 32 times. Chewing slow and more will make you feel full and weigh less.

3. Caffeinated Products and Sweetened Stuff

Not a total “NO” but not too much. Enjoy the sweetened stuff, but don’t let them make you sweat a lot in the gym after the festivals are over. Keep chanting it everytime you see them, “its bad for me”!

4. Be a SuperHost

Host the party yourself and control the food selections. Go for low fat ingredients like low fat milk, low fat curd to prepare sweets. Chole, Paneer, Chicken kebabs and curries can be made without oil and can taste good too. Prepare sweets at home and have more halwa and bake them at home.

When friends and family visit your home with sweets, do not have them all alone. Rather share them with your neighbors and friends too.Exercise daily during festivals and drink lots of water.

Enjoy your festivals by  eating healthy and delicious.

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