PCOS and Weight Gain: Understand the Relation

PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a health problem affecting 1 in 10 women at chidbearing age.Women in PCOS have a hormonal disbalance and metabolism problems,
affecting their overall health and appearance. It is a common and treatable case of infertility.

As per research, PCOS and Weight Gain have consistent interconnection. PCOS produce too much of male hormone(Androgen). Due to an excess of Androgen women face side effects such as menstrual instabilities, excessive hair growth, acne, weight gain and production of ovarian cysts. PCOS also creates insulin resistance, a condition in which it becomes difficult for the body to metabolise energy. This is the main reason why people with insulin resistance gain weight so easily and find it more harder to lose it. And then it goes together,the more the women gain weight the more they increase their PCOS problems.

Loss of Awareness
In most cases women are not aware that they are suffering from PCOS. They fail to connect the dots and even the people they seek help to like Gynaecologists for irregular periods, dermatologists for acne etc. are not able to detect it properly. And then to complicate things, there is no one simple blood test or scan that enables a PCOS diagnosis. So one should be alert and should not rule out PCOS as an option if there are some related symptoms to it.

How to tackle

Research suggests that hormones that control appetite and hunger are not controlled properly in some women having PCOS. This means that some women having PCOS are more prone to gain weight and have difficulty in losing it. Hence the best way to control PCOS is weight loss. Weight loss will not cure PCOS but will definitely help. Weight loss can restore the normal function of ovaries and result in normal hormone release. This further facilitates improvement in symptoms of PCOS like excess hair growth, acne or scalp hair loss.

Weight loss can be achieved through a good and healthy lifestyle. There are three important things women should practice to control their weight in PCOS condition.
1. Regular Exercise
2. A nutrient dense diet
3. Stress Busters

Exercise daily. Include weight training, High Intensity Interval training, Squats and Push ups in your workout program. Eat lots of vegetables, have lean meat and drink lots of water . Do things that help you in relieving stress, like practice yoga, dance, travel or listen to music. Sleep well. Stick to the rules.

With a defined healthy lifestyle control your weight and keep in check the symptoms of PCOS.

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