What is my Body Type?

Like every vegetable has a shape and is cut in a particular manner for a particular cuisine, similarly humans have different Body Types and Shapes,that have to be taken care of differently. Why it is important to know one’s body type??? What if one day you realize that the body which you always wanted to have and admired was the wrong type for you. As if that body was a dress you would never fit into, because your body is totally made of a different format.

Know what is Somatotype

No, it is no potato or tomato science. Somatotype is the science of classifying or categorizing a human physique. Fitness consultants with the help of Somatotype guide their clients about their particular body type. They help them in enhancing and beautifying it in an appropriate way. Different food, different workout, different clothing, different metabolism, yes they are all different for different body types.

When you know

When you know your body type it gets easier for you to understand what to eat and what not to eat, how to exercise and rather how much to exercise, which areas to target in your body during workout and many more.

After you know

You feel more confident about yourself. You will not only love your body but will stop judging and envying other body types because you got the mantra to define and maintain your own SHAPE and TYPE.

KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE AND ITS SOLUTIONS: By WOW on October 21st at Tea Trails Bistro, HSR Layout, Bangalore.

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